Faber-Castell + Karl Lagerfeld Colouring Box Set



The man wears many hats, he works for Chanel, does a little extra over with Fendi, and even has his own label. That, and his many collaborations for the likes of Coca-Cola, Magnum and Melissa, all of which start with his sketches that are eponymous to the way he works. I remember hearing something about him sending over drawings of the bags he wanted made for runway presentations at Chanel some years back when I visited their bag atelier in France. All sketched and presented to the atelier’s designers who were then supposed to realise his vision and send back prototypes for his approval.

Which also means, most everything that we now love/use/wear from Chanel (and the other brands he does work for) all started with these pencils, more specifically, from his brand of choice, Faber-Castell. And to celebrate this union, Faber-Castell will be launching a colouring box to rule all other colouring boxes that’s laid out in the form of a Chinese wedding chest.

Strictly limited to just 2500 sets, each EUR2500 set (yes, you read that right) will come with all 120 colours in the Albrecht Dürer range of pencils, along with Polychromos colour pencils, Pitt ink pens and Castell 9000 graphite pencils along with brushes, a foldable cup, erasers and sharpeners. Yes, it’s every illustrator’s wet dream come true. And if you’re one of them, they will be available now at Faber-Castell stores, Karl Lagerfeld boutiques and Harrods in London.

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Emma Stone’s Casual Shoe Style is Inspiration for Cool Girls Everywhere


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Sneak Peek: The New Mini C de Cartier Collection

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Mini C de Cartier_02_Butterboom

It seems as though our oversized-tote-wearing days are just about done, with design houses turning to pint-size bags for all the essentials (hey, our shoulders aren’t complaining!). The latest offering fromCartier is this oh-so-adorable Mini C de Cartier bag – a baby-doll style version of the C de Cartier in bright tones to make a serious style statement.

The Mini C de Cartier bag features two handles as well as a strap for a sling-over style with invisible or contrasting saddle topstitching, a silver-coloured Cartier signature and hemmed leather lining. Check it out in bold hues like shimmering gold, jonquil yellow, morganite pink and our fave, peridot.

Like compact bags? Check out the latest offerings from Gucci, Roger Vivier and Bulgari. 


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Ruth Bell for Jason Wu. Photo: Inez & VinoodhRuth Bell for Jason Wu. Photo: Inez & Vinoodh

Women shaving their heads isn't exactly a new phenomenon: Grace Jones, Sinead O'Connor, Lupita Nyong'o, Britney Spears, Amber Rose and Eleven from "Stranger Things" are just a few of the better-known modern members of this club. And whether the public lauded their haircuts ("Grace is a gender revolutionary!") or criticized them ("Britney's going off the rails!"), you can be sure they noticed them.

The appeal of the shaved head may be aesthetic for some women and ideological for others, but one thing every bald babe can agree on is that the look is a breeze to maintain. Plus, with brands like Givenchy, Marc Jacobs andSaint Laurent giving the buzz their stamps of approval by parading it down the runway, there's mounting evidence that the look isn't going to lose its cool status anytime soon.

Considering bidding your own tresses goodbye? According to Matt Fugate, a hairstylist at Serge Normant at John Frieda, there are just a few things to keep in mind: head shape, upkeep and natural color. "Make sure that you know of any bumps, grooves or dips in the skull," he says. "The best way to find this out is to go get a head massage and ask about it." (Uh, yeah, twist our rubber arms on that one). Next, remember that you'll need to cut more frequently to maintain the look, whether you do so with clippers in your bathroom or with a stylist at the salon. Lastly, consider your natural hair color. "Don't be shocked when you cut your hair and it's darker than you think," Fugate advises, noting that any sun-bleaching effects will disappear with very short hair.

Then get ready to enjoy the newfound freedom a buzzed head affords. "You can work out whenever you want, sleep in more often and spend less time (sometimes none) doing touch-ups in the bathroom," Fugate notes. Plus, you'll look pretty damn cool. Here, seven lock-less ladies who will make you want to get your hands on some clippers ASAP.

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A look from the Comme des Garçons fall 2016 couture collection. Photo: Martin Bureau/Getty ImagesA look from the Comme des Garçons fall 2016 couture collection. Photo: Martin Bureau/Getty Images

These are the stories making headlines on Wednesday.

Sources say Rei Kawakubo will be the focus of the Costume Institute's spring exhibition
The enigmatic designer and woman behind Comme des Garçons and Dover Street Market will reportedly be the Costume Institute's sole subject next spring. It would mark only the second time a living designer has been honored by the museum with a solo exhibition, after a Yves Saint Laurent show in 1983. A Met spokeswoman declined comment to WWD. 

An Alexander McQueen/Isabella Blow film is happening
A movie depicting the relationship between the late British designer and his muse, the late fashion editor Isabella Blow, is in the works. Entitled "The Ripper," the film will document the tumultuous friendship between the designer and the fashion editor, and will be produced by Maven Pictures with Gesha-Marie Bland as screenwriter. The iconic duo frequently collaborated together and continue to be recognized for their contributions to the industry.

That's right: Barbie is an #influencer
Sponsored Instagram posts have become a hotly debated topic recently and, as it turns out, America's favorite doll is cashing in, too.  featuring a blowout courtesy of Dyson Hair (yep, complete with a Barbie-sized Supersonic and everything) and a Dyson-sponsored trip to Hawaii. Barbie is making the most out of its (her?) 1.5 million followers by working with a team of designers to create custom outfits and employing both an in-house marketing team and a top fashion publicity firm to build partner relationships. 

Lily-Rose Depp's Chanel No. 5 teasers are here
In a series of two 10-second teaser clips, Depp, the face of the newest fragrance addition to the Chanel No. 5 family, touts the tagline for the new scent, "You know me, and you don't," while looking positively mysterieuse. The film campaign was directed by Swedish filmmaker Johan Renck and full-length videos will hit the internet later this year. 

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Ultra rare Apple 1 computer built by Jobs himself sells for $815k

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Before there were MacBooks and iPhones and iPads, there was a humble prototype computer built by Steve Wozniac and Steve Jobs way back in 1976. Together they built about 200 computers that probably bear little resemblance to the Apple technology today. One of these prototypes was auctioned off for the sum of $815,000, it was snapped up by Glenn and Shannon Dellimore, the co-founders of cosmetics firm Glamglow. They already own an Apple 1 computer and believe that these objects will increase in value over time.

The couple’s purchase has been dubbed the “Celebration” and its unique among Apple 1 computers because it is the only known unit to feature a pre-production circuit board. It seems like it was manually soldered on to a blank PC board and used higher quality parts than later boards.
The set was sold with a 4 KB memory expansion, a cassette interface board, two cassettes (one equipped with BASIC, and the with other Blackjack and Star Trek games) and a bunch of original manuals, flyers and documentation. Charitybuzz hosted the auction and 10 percent of the proceeds will benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

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